Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151110 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Fears Over Trans-Pacific Partnership Confirmed - "risks jobs, public services and democratic rights" #TPP

Call to Action Against Global Corporate Domination: November 14-18 - Stop #TPP, #TTIP, & #TiSA

Trade, Health, And Tobacco Exceptionalism: The #TPP Tobacco Carve-Out - "uncertain whether the U.S. will exercise"

Researchers Record Chimpanzee Mother Caring For Her Disabled Child In The Wild - amazing

The #SnoopersCharter would devastate computer security research in the UK - so how will that make us safer? #IPBill

#China’s #Alibaba sells $1 billion of goods in first 8 minutes of “Singles Day” promotion - $10bn in first 14 hours

Leaving EU would be a 'disaster', British universities warn - certainly would #brexit

Happy? Sad? Angry? Microsoft tool recognizes emotions in pictures - *no way* this could be abused in surveillance...

The Trade in Services Agreement (#TISA): An end to negotiations in sight? - EP policy department study – v good

Earth-like world: 'most important found outside solar system' - "close enough 4 telescopes 2 observe any atmosphere"

FBI's Top Lawyer Says Locking Law Enforcement Out Of Cellphones Is The Public's Choice To Make - Cameron disagrees

NSA Pats Self On Back For Disclosing Vulnerabilities '90% Of The Time,' Doesn't Specify How Long Uses Them Before -

#TPP vs tobacco control - the devil is in the details - good analysis of situation in #malaysia

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