Monday, 9 November 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151108 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page 

Balsillie fears #TPP could cost #Canada billions and become worst-ever policy move - interesting

London’s new Garden Bridge will track visitors with CCTV, phone Wi-Fi signals - are we losing our public spaces?

"reforms to the #ISDS process that the administration has been advertising did not materialize." - #TPP

What happened to passenger #hovercraft? - good question; such a nice way to travel.. #eels

Allowing scallop dredging in 'strictly protected' dolphin reserves is madness - how stupid can the Welsh gov. get?

Consultation: Proposed Scallop Fishery in Cardigan Bay Dolphin Reserve
- pl. participate - it's quick & v. easy

UK Trade Negotiations Stakeholder Survey November 2015 -

Pirate Party MEP Reda: EU Preparing 'Frontal Attack On The Hyperlink' - time to say no to this #copyright stupidity

'Hundreds' Of Teens Found Sexting At Single School And Everyone Seems Unsure Of How To Proceed - how about nothing?

The Three Industries That Love The #TPP: Hollywood, Big Pharma & Wall St. - here's what that tells us loud & clear

UK set up secret group of top officials to enable UAE investment - anything for money...

B├╝rgerinitiative: #TTIP-Gegner sammeln mehr als drei Millionen Unterschriften - impressive;@EU_Commission ignores

Earth to cross 1°C warming marker this year for the first time, Met Office says - this is not good #climatechange

Nachhaltigkeitsdebatte um #TTIP und #TPP entbrannt - #sustainability #antibiotics

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