Saturday, 7 November 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151105 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page lots #TPP links here

Release of #TPP Full Text Shows Victory for Corporate Rights - interview with Dr. Margaret Flowers

#TPP has been released and our concerns have been vindicated - "TPP investment chapter is its lack of balance"

important initiative by Australian Broadcasting Corporation:  Trans-Pacific Partnership: Help analyse the #TPP -

Civil Society Reacts to Finally-Released #TPP Text - dozens of US groups agree: it's a disaster for the public

#TTIP – what's in it for labour, environment & sustainable development? - little compared to huge corporate handouts

#TPP has provision banning requirements to transfer of or access to source code of software - coders: time to fight

#TTIP : "il ne faut surtout pas négocier en secret." -

Will Molecular Biology's Most Important Discovery In Years Be Ruined By #Patents? - (warning: may be rhetorical qn)

Switzerland’s largest city declares “#Tisa-Free Zone” - the first of many, let us hope

Geheimes #CETA-Mandat geleakt! - interesting information about old-ish dox #ISDS

British public eager for energy efficiency, renewables subsidies - we are, we are

#TPP Development Chapter Shall Not “Prevail” Over Any Other Chapter - wow, doesn't that just say it all?

Critic: #TPP deal has ‘exclusions up the wazoo’ - "limits on foreign circuses in Peru"

"Hatch said #Australia had been "greedy" in leading resistance to longer monopoly period" - *not* #BigPharma... #TPP

Full Text Of #TPP Released: And It's Really, Really Bad - @mmasnick explains why #ISDS

Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline in victory for environmental activists - but will companies use #NAFTA's #ISDS?

After Text Release, Environmental Groups Speak Out on TPP - no doubt about their views: #TPP is toxic

UK Home Secretary Says Don't Worry About Collection Of Metadata; FOIA Request Made For Her Metadata - ha! Nice

TPP = Transnational Pharmaceutical Profiteering – Big Pharma’s Monopolies Strengthen and Multiply in #TPP -

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