Saturday, 31 August 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Sajid Javid was not told in advance of adviser’s sacking by Cummings - wow, good job we don’t have a Rasputin pulling all the strings at No. 10 or anything…

Former Hotel Exec Gets Elected To Congress, Decides First Order Of Business Is To Destroy Airbnb - well, of course

Salmon farming in the Beagle Channel enters troubled waters - “Victory for community concerned about the industry’s environmental costs strengthens calls for shakeup of rules along Chilean coast”

As the Amazon burns, BlackRock named as world’s largest investor in deforestation -

Rise in EU citizens not getting UK settled status causes alarm - 42% only given pre-settled status - so much of johnson’s “I repeat unequivocally our guarantee to the 3.2 million EU nationals now living and working among us.” another #brexit lie

TSA’s Expensive Scanners Can’t Figure Out Afros Or Turbans, So Guess Who’s Getting Searched More Often -

Sajid Javid confronts Boris Johnson over adviser’s sacking - good for him. and then what happened…? “There is a now a climate of fear operating in government that Dominic Cummings is trying to create.”

No-deal Brexit ‘could motivate extremists in Northern Ireland’ - could??? I bet they are digging up all those buried weapons at this very moment…

Corporations pile pressure on Brazil over #Amazonfires - corporations can be callous and evil, but they don’t have to be. and sometimes, for whatever reasons, they do the right thing, as here…

You Know That Mobile Phone Tracking Data You Used As Evidence In Over 10,000 Court Cases? Turns Out Some Of It Was Wrong, But We’re Not Sure Which Yet - well, that’s #awkward

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