Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

“Boris Johnson has written to the EU suggesting the backstop could be replaced by some form of commitment” - because nothing suggests “commitment” like repudiating a deal you have already agreed… #brexitchaos

Brexit free-movement cutoff plans worse than Windrush, says Abbott - UK is “heading for a catastrophe that would make Windrush seem like a minor blip”

Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live - or, you know, US government could tackle the #climatecrisis like any civilised country…

Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled - we need to impose high taxes on anything that can’t be recycled

Canada’s election watchdog: ads saying climate change is real may break law - #climatecrisis is not a matter of opinion; @ElectionsCan_E are irresponsible idiots

It’s On: Details Emerge Of Polish Government’s Formal Request For Top EU Court To Throw Out #UploadFilters - you thought the battle over #eucopyrightdirective was finished? nope #poland

Cruise ship nightmare: After measles, norovirus outbreaks, why does anyone still set sail? - “a mere 10 viral particles is enough to make someone sick”. why I would never go on a cruise…

Donald Trump’s UK trade promises are hot air – his aim is Brexit chaos - “While a post-Brexit UK is still likely to be one of the world’s largest economies… it will be less important to US national security and economic interests.”

Ivanka Trump's embrace of nature sparks cries of hypocrisy - it's *not* hypocrisy; it's merely a foretaste of the future where the rich 1% live in environmental heaven, while the 99% live in #climatecrisis hell, largely driven by her father and #bolsonaro

EU citizens in UK demand clarification of status as no deal looms - "How will a UK border control officer even know which EU citizens are resident in the UK and which are not?” shameful

Customs passes to be allocated as part of no-deal Brexit planning - “Even with a customs pass there is no guarantee the EU will recognise Eori numbers after 31 October should a no-deal Brexit go ahead.” why should it? “no deal” = throwing away everything

The future of #privacy is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed - coming your way…

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