Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

GDPR could obstruct AI development, MEP says - the EU #copyrightdirective is a far more serious threat to EU AI #tdm

KFC launches test run of ‘miracle’ non-meat nuggets - great to see more non-meat meat going mainstream…

#Bolivia: catastrophic wildfires devastate forest in echo of Brazil’s Amazon crisis -

Spain braces for more rain after hail piles up during violent storms - you know, it’s almost as if the climate has gone out of kilter all around the world…

Johnson’s plan for ‘Brexit heroes’ in the Lords will reverberate for years to come - #brexit stupidity and bigotry will poison this country for 30 years if he takes this route

Leaders opposing no-deal Brexit issue joint statement - "The attendees agreed that Boris Johnson has shown himself open to using anti-democratic means to force through no deal."

Nigel Farage says Brexit party could strike election pact with Tories - is there any essential difference? no, I thought not…

Near-total ban imposed on sending wild African elephants to zoos - that’s great, but what the hell was the moronic EU playing at here? shame on them.

‘Not nice!’: Trump denies rumors of bedbugs at resort he’s promoting for G7 - oh, so it’s true, then? “Trump’s resort is reported to be struggling, reports the Miami Herald” #TrumpBEDBUGsouvenirs2020G7

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