Friday, 22 March 2019


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Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - this petition has gained 500,000 signatures in just a few hours; UK people, please sign if you can… #brexitchaos

Tell The EU Not To Wreck The Internet - “A few internet giants get locked into their position without much fear of competition. And artists and creators get totally screwed.” #article13

stop #brexit petition back up now - - get signing and spread the word, please

Martin Kretschmer: „Die EU würde wenig verlieren, wenn sie die Richtlinie einfach ablehnt“ - “An wen soll sich Twitter wenden, um unerwünschte Dokumente zu lizensieren? An wen soll sich eine Plattform wenden, um Werbeinhalte der 1950er Jahre zu klären?”

European Wikipedias have been turned off for the day to protest dangerous copyright laws - #article13

130 EU businesses sign open letter against Copyright directive Art. 11 & 13 - maybe send this to your MEPs, explaining how EU economy will be seriously damaged, & that startups don’t want #article13 or #article11

News Organization Like Reuters Supporting The EU Copyright Directive Is A Shameful Support For Censorship -

UK’s top toilet roll supplier stockpiling in case of no-deal Brexit - the jokes write themselves… #brexitchaos

Europeans should tell Parliament to vote NO to copyright filters - “dramatic negative effects of upload filters would be disastrous to the vision Creative Commons cares about as an organisation and global community.” #article13 #cc

Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people – report - #climatedenialists should ask insures whether #globalwarming is real…

UN Human Rights Expert Warns EU Not To Pass Article 13 - no MEP that supports freedom of expression should vote for #article13 - it will be a human rights disaster

EU Internet Companies Warn EU Parliament Not To Vote For Articles 11 & 13; Say It Will Hand The Internet To Google - pl. explain this to MEPs - they are not helping the EU digital sector, but destroying it #article13 #article11

Anti #Article 13 Petition Signed by Five Million People - but they’re just a “mob” according to the European Commission

Kent pupils could be left stranded by no-deal Brexit gridlock, warns council - everyone who voted to leave EU knew perfectly well this was what #brexit meant, #amirite…?

“Sources close to cabinet say No 10 is ‘run by lunatics’ after May’s speech attacking MPs” - you know, call me odd, but I can’t help feeling this isn’t really a good thing…

Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - this is going insane; now up to 1.88 million signatures, and it seems to be accelerating…should hit 2 million soon #RevokeArticle50Now

Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU petition just hitting 2 million signatures - much quicker than I expected… #RevokeArticle50

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