Saturday, 16 March 2019


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#Wikipedia schaltet sich ab – für das freie Internet - " Wir setzen uns für ein insgesamt freies Netz ein, damit Wissen möglichst ungehindert geteilt werden kann." #artikel13 #artikel11

EU-U.S.: Call for proposals for regulatory cooperation activities - this is the trojan horse approach to deregulation, forcing US rules on EU as part of #TTIP 2.0

Australian media broadcast footage from Christchurch shootings despite police pleas - totally irresponsible; will inevitably help to fuel further murders

New Zealand gun laws face scrutiny after Christchurch attack - “Unlike UK and Australia there is no ban on semi-automatic military-style weapons”: well, there’s part of your problem… #guns

Mystery Spill At Mosul Lake: Analyzing Potential Causes Of Pollution - great use of open source information for environmental analysis

Do UK politicians support the climate strike? Party leaders respond - well: “The Conservative party was invited to participate, but declined.” says it all, really…

‘Deal or No Deal?’ Businesses’ Views on the Endgame of the Brexit Negotiations - "the vast majority believe a “No Deal” outcome would be extremely damaging, and is a “worst-case scenario”

wichtig: Der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte Ulrich Kelber warnt vor den Folgen der EU-Urheberrechtsreform - “Um den Anforderungen von #Artikel13 zu entsprechen, benötigt es Upload-Filter.”

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