Monday, 25 April 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160424 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

FOIA reveals UK government’s assessment of #TTIP's corporate courts – “lots of risks and no benefit” - #ISDS

#TTIP: Private profit versus public health - "Remove chemicals from the EU-US trade talks" #REACH

Cod almighty: the secret of Norway's monster fish bonanza - "Climate change and human restraint "

Putting TTIP on Hold Would be a ‘Mistake’ - probably the most delusional piece I have read on #TTIP so far...

#TTIP : averting a train wreck - too late, it's already a train wreck - one that everyone is now abandoning...

#TTIP is a very bad excuse to vote for Brexit - this is true; leaving EU would give UK gov free hand to impose worse

UK must leave European convention on human rights, says Theresa May - tyrants worldwide will applaud the move...

Austrian far-right party's triumph in presidential poll could spell turmoil - "he would refuse to sign #TTIP" #at

Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the #ECHR ever done for us? - video - nicely done...

Desert dolphins: plan to bring animals to Arizona for show outrages activists - disgusting abuse by @Dolphinaris

.@washingtonpost Says Doctors Without Borders Silly 2 Worry About Impact of #TPP on Drug Prices - what do they know?

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