Monday, 18 April 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160416 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

How much power should governments have to snoop on what we share online? - me + others on @aljzeeraNEWS yesterday

Barn conversion leads to amazing find of palatial Roman villa - reminds us how much amazing stuff still to be found

Boaty McBoatface wins poll to name polar research vessel - come on,@NERCscience, the people have spoken..

Interview mit Niesco Dubbelboer zum geplanten Niederlande-Referendum ├╝ber #TTIP und #CETA - interesting background

GP waiting times crisis revealed in Labour research - "did not get an appointment at all the last time they tried"

Clegg accuses Theresa May of tampering with drug report - "attempting to delete sentences"

Experts warn of health threat from removal of diesel particulate filters - rapid action needed #london

Khan has pole position in race to be #London mayor - "Goldsmith has been seeking to stir mistrust": unacceptable

Artist threatened with lawsuits if she sells nude Donald #Trump painting -

Why the fight for #GMO labeling is (possibly) over - how GMO industry's greatest victory will be its ultimate defeat

.@BootsUK could face regulator's investigation after Guardian report - too right; tragic the decline caused by greed

Pressure mounts on Jeremy Hunt over handling of junior doctors’ dispute - what a shambles; Hunt must go #NHS

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