Thursday, 14 April 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160412 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Moral dimensions of Open, part 4 - "whole purpose of Web was to enable the free sharing of scholarly publications"

#japan: LDP Exec Hints at Giving Up Diet Approval for #TPP at Current Session - wow, that's a surprise

Kerry defends #TTIP against domestic critics - "safeguarding the environment" is demonstrable rubbish #TPP & #TTIP

#PrivacyShield doesn’t do enough to curtail US surveillance, say EU data watchdogs - EU may go ahead anyway...

Abe ready to set aside #TPP ratification for now to preserve standing in polls - which shows how unpopular it is

Northern Irish women who miscarry 'could face abortion questioning' - time to change this barbaris law #NI

Governmental support of fossil fuels no longer defensible - getting rid of them long overdue #renewables

Meet Monsanto's Evil Twin, an Industry That Does Major Damage and Gets Shockingly Little Attention - self-regulating

ICSID nudges #Romania on $250M award for Swedish brothers - using #ISDS to trump #EU law

Comedian Could Face 3 Years In German (Not Turkish!) Jail For Mocking Notoriously Thin-Skinned Turkish President -

Activists rejoice as world’s largest coal company files for bankruptcy - who would invest in dirty #coal nowadays?

Maybe #NSA Has Already Broken Every Security System, Not By Hacking Computers, But By Hacking The Entire Industry -

Not using turn signal = multiple probings of anus and vagina by police - no comment possible

Majority of Americans Believe Sanders Is Only Compassionate and Likable Candidate - these figures are crazy

Laptop of Brussels Bomber: Plan To Attack Britain - "in a folder titled “Target,” written in English" uh-huh

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