Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160125 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Big Pharma’s worst nightmare - that's @jamie_love, of course; good profile & explanation of Big Pharma's culpability

'I didn't wanna believe it either': Rapper BoB insists Earth is flat - why is @guardian giving space to this moron?

Glyn Moody - Trade deals: what are we trading away? - slides from my talk in Warsaw last week #TTIP #TPP #CETA #PD

Better Regulation: #TTIP under the Radar? - excellent explanation of EU's de-regulatory agenda; pl. read and RT

#TTIP "regulatory approaches in future based on stronger science & evidence" - i.e. "we'll use secret industry data"

Die CETA-Uhr tickt: stoppt #CETA jetzt! - "wenn eine rote Linie überschritten ist, muss die SPD nein sagen!"

#Brazil is 'badly losing' the battle against #Zika virus, says health minister - sadly, just start of global problem

Even #Microsoft’s Windows Phone chief is using an iPhone - *nobody* uses a Windows Phone these days...

#TTIP: la gobernanza corporativa - "auténtico golpe de estado de las corporaciones a las democracias occidentales"

Peterson Institute Study Shows #TPP Will Lead to $357 Billion Increase in Annual Imports - great takedown

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