Saturday, 9 January 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160107 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#NZ Labour calls for transparency on #TPP signing - not really the issue, which is about debating the terms

Keystone XL: TransCanada's embarrassing #NAFTA lawsuit just the beginning - "complete disregard for U.S. democracy"

Italian female football team play on in face of mafia-style intimidation - well done them

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo join to criticise the Snooper’s Charter - Brit badness's global reach

Israeli-Palestinian love story omitted from curriculum tops bestseller lists - nice: Streisand Effect strikes again

#Portugal: Coalition Reverses Bus Privatisation - likely to be prohibitively expensive under #TTIP's #ISDS

Rouhani races to implement nuclear deal with eye on Iran elections bounce - #iran getting very interesting

"laws for millions based on the choices of fewer than 40 evildoers" - no, about 30K deaths related to guns each year

#TPP opponents say Keystone suit shows threat - would NZ like to pay $15 billion...? #ISDS

How international trade deals threaten democracy and climate - TransCanada has kindly shown us why.... #ISDS #TPP

TransCanada, This is What Democracy Looks Like - "today's corporate-empowering trade policies" #TPP #TTIP #CETA

Empirical Evidence on the Behavior and Impact of Patent Trolls: A Survey -

Deer discovers the true #joy in life is a dirty puddle - something pretty amazing happening in that animal's brain

Long range forecast - "There are three big determinants of the long-term geopolitical weather report". what he said.

Portraits of imprisoned Iranian girls awaiting capital punishment - awful #iran

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