Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160111 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Journalists and whistleblowers protected under new Trade Secrets Directive - that's welcome #tradesecrets

"ISDS is a tool to implement the law, not one to make or change it" - no, that is what *national* courts are for

Reg cooperation is not about lowering protection but making regs more compatible - but main way is levelling *down*

"EU regulators will not be forced into unilaterally abandoning precautionary principle" - 'cos doing it *willingly*:

"European Commission has launched a range of initiatives to increase transparency" - sure, more transparency than before, still limited

"public debate around important #TTIP should be based on evidence and facts"; what, like this?

Wrong kind of sunlight delays Southeastern trains in London - "Leaves on the line. Wrong snow. Now sunshine!"

Patents On Presentation Of Information Excluded In EU, But Germany Granted A Patent On A Graphical User Interface -

Bauxite mining moratorium could land Malaysia in trouble under #TPP, says law professor - #ISDS

The hostile use of civilian #drones in the UK, and what to do about it - should we use lasers or bean bags?

Ministry says alterations to #TPP could cost #NZ up to $55 million a year - of course, here's what public gets

"Transparency is the cornerstone of a legitimate and accountable ISDS system" - nope: #ISDS is *never* legitimate

#TPP death sentence 4 Indigenous Rights - "not the world our tupuna envisioned for us when they signed Te Tiriti."

WaPo Contributor Finally Admits He's a Shill for Fossil Fuel Industry on Climate Change - surprise...not

For More Than 50 Years, DuPont Concealed the Cancer-Causing Properties of Teflon - fewer regs needed? I think not...

Toddler walking to nursery by herself led off-duty policeman to mother's body - pognant story

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