Sunday, 19 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140117 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

BBC ignorance on mass surveillance again - how did @BBC sink to this level of journalistic degradation? #gchq #nsa

Will #Monsanto Become The #NSA Of #Agriculture? - it's clearly trying #bigdata

#TTIP puts the EU's environmental and social policies on the line - 10 leading NGOs explain why #TAFTA (v @NHSour)

250 #dolphins to be slaughtered in #Japan - shameful barbarism inflicted on such intelligent creatures #tweetfortaiji

Very internet woman. Wow. - repellent stuff #misogyny

Artists Embracing, Rather Than Fighting, BitTorrent Seeing Amazing Results - that's the way to do it...

Signifying Nothing - "The “restrictions” on the #NSA were devoid of intent, mumbled and hedged around."

NSA surveillance: American debate, British denial - obama's response was weak; but at least he made it... #gchq

The #NSA hate this song :) -  Dan Bull - I'm sure they do. more fine anger purveyed by the inimitable Mr Bull

Obama’s restrictions on NSA rely on narrow definition of ‘spying’ - good analysis of his word trickery (v @normative)

Obama’s Speech, Annotated Version - excellent analysis; highly recommended (v @normative)#nsa #surveillance

useful list of #TAFTA/#TTIP meetings 2012-01 - 2013-04 - old, but useful (v @abuVeliki)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new role: Climate Activist - good for him (v @OpenSociety)

Obama Does Little to Reassure Industry - Microsoft is rightly unhappy about what was not said (v @trevortimm)

Take note, BBC. Whistleblowers are good for you - my contempt for the @bbc grows by the day #savile #coverup

Copyright Week: If We Want To Get Copyright Right, It's Time To Go Back To Basics - lots of important points

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