Saturday, 4 January 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140102 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Cameron's internet porn filter is the start of censorship creep - good point about making gchq tracking easier

Losing Aaron - fine piece about Swartz, his father, &@MIT's betrayal of its hacking culture (v @robinwauters)

After 20 Years, It's Clear #NAFTA Has Failed To Deliver Promised Benefits; So Why Trust #TPP, #TTIP Will Be Better? -

Drug firms accused of holding back complete information on clinical trials - hugely important; open clinical data now

A Simple Economic Truth America's Super Rich Don't Want Us to Know About - trickle-down economics don't work

European Trademark Office Says Pinterest Doesn’t Own ‘#Pinterest’ – Social News Startup Premium Interest Does -

UK 'unprepared for flu epidemic' - largely because UK government is undermining #NHS to boost profits of its chums

Public Accounts Committee Tamiflu investigation: a positive move for clinical trial transparency - big win #uk

“#Surveillance breeds conformity”: Salon’s Glenn Greenwald interview - some interesting thoughts

#NSA Trying To Build A #QuantumComputer To Crack Lots Of Encryption, But Not Having Much Luck Yet - meh

Are Other #NSA Employees Leaking Documents Under The Cover Of #Snowden? - intriguing thought...

Negociaciones del #TPP se pospondrían hasta próximo gobierno de EU: Comce - wow, huge if true...

Pardon #Snowden, He Blew Whistle on #NSA Crimes - first the @nytimes, now @GuidoFawkes: is the tide turning?

DeltaTrix #3DPrinter is #OpenSource & Fully Hackable - the more, the merrier

Weird California Incident Last Year Points To The Real Threat To The Power Grid (Hint: It's Not Cyberattacks) - huh?

Cambridge's Head of Cryptography: I Would Abolish #MI5 - bold, but, er, unlikely I fear...

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