Thursday, 17 October 2019


‘Think of your family’: China threatens European citizens over Xinjiang protests - #china the global bully #turkestan #uyghurs

‘It’s a crisis, not a change’: the six Guardian language changes on climate matters - well done

The Ultimate Aim Of #China's 2016 Cybersecurity Law Is Now Clear: Nothing Digital Can Be Secret From The Authorities - not unexpected, but still astonishing

Electric fishing kills 57% of the seabed’s population, study reveals - ban this destructive madness now

UK would lose £130bn in growth if Brexit deal passed, figures suggest - only £8000 for a family of four, no biggie…

EU leaves door open to #Brexit extension, in blow to Boris Johnson - “a senior EU official said that the leaders would follow events on Saturday, and reflect on the next steps if they were in a “different situation”.”

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