Friday, 11 October 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

We have all been cornered into a no-deal Brexit that will harm millions - there is no such thing as a “clean break” #brexit: it’s about as clean as tearing your fingers off, and without an anaesthetic…

#NHS doctor may leave UK over refusal of visa for mother - and this, people, is how we will lose thousands of the best minds thanks to #brexit bigotry

#Nissan: no-deal Brexit would jeopardise entire European business model - #brexiters doubtless sure that losing 30,000 jobs is a small price to pay for blue passports

Revealed: top UK thinktank spent decades undermining climate science - “Institute of Economic Affairs has links to 14 members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet” and won’t reveal which fossil fuel companies fund it, or how much: something to hide, it seems…

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