Monday, 25 February 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Japan battles worst measles outbreak in a decade - yes, idiot antivaxxers strike again; “Measles is a highly contagious disease that can cause severe diarrhoea, pneumonia and loss of vision. It can be fatal in some cases”

Costa Rican measles outbreak traced to unvaccinated French tourists - “poor countries should institute a policy of turning away visitors who have not received the MMR and other vaccines.” my thought too - let’s do it

Artists against #Article13: when Big Tech and Big Content make a meal of creators, it doesn’t matter who gets the bigger piece - artists: you were used. maybe write to your MEPs pointing out that fact…

New EU Directive threatens the Internet as we know it - no, this is not hyperbole; here’s why… #article13

Spare Rib digital archive faces closure in event of no-deal Brexit - i don’t understand this: isn’t the plan to roll over EU legislation in the event of #brexit? won’t UK have orphan works exception as now?

“The assembly vote in 2017, following the Brexit referendum, showed that the UK’s international influence was on the wane, with many EU countries failing to support a fellow member state and even traditional allies such as Canada abstaining.” #brexit

Who Needs #Article13: Italian Court Finds Facebook Liable For Hosting Links - hugely important point; maybe worth pointing out to your MEPs… #italy

Citing parental freedom, Arizona lawmakers move ahead with anti-vaccine bills - no one has a right to harm others through their stupidity

Three major music labels make $19 million a day from streaming while artists count their pocket change - this is the problem - not people uploading stuff to sites

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