Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 180220 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

France Says ‘No’ To Company Hack-Backs Following Online Attacks – But Wants To Keep The Option Open For Itself -

‘Dirty meat’: Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants - “raising fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering the UK under a post-#Brexit trade deal” exactly what will happen

Netanyahu aide agrees to implicate PM over corruption claims – reports - well, that’s er, interesting if confirmed…

‘She was in so much pain’ - how turkey meatballs gave an Oregon baby salmonella poisoning - coming to the UK if the hard #brexiters get their way and slash food regulations as part of US trade deal…

Red tape in the meat industry? It’s the difference between life and death - “if regulations are chopped away and if the results end up in our school dinners and hospital meals, there will be little likelihood of any of us knowing.” #brexit

Boston Dynamics is teaching its robot dog to fight back against humans - I really don’t need to say it, do I? #WCPGW

‘I’ve been here for 50 years’: the scandal of the former Commonwealth citizens threatened with deportation - so much for that supposed #brexit love of the commonwealth

EU Publishers Acknowledge Snippet Tax Concerns, But Say: ‘It’s OK, You Can Trust Us’ - as history demonstrates… #copyright #article11

Dirty US meat could flood into UK after a #Brexit trade deal - "US has already warned us that we will need to lower our food standards in exchange for a quick trade deal, but we need to fight this hard.”

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