Thursday, 15 February 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 180214 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Polen sollen antipolnische Äußerungen melden - #poland goes full-on right-wing banana republic

Japan thinks #Brexit is an ‘act of self-harm’, says UK’s former ambassador - “Japanese policy analysts are puzzled by British government rhetoric about global opportunities flowing from Brexit”; simple: it’s a desperate lie

Your Right to Fight Brexit crowdfunding now stands at £153,000 - judging by the recent comments, Boris Johnson’s appalling speech yesterday seems to have galvanised many into giving some dosh to stop the #BrexitShambles

Offended by Koreans eating dog? I trust you’ve never had a bacon butty - “93% of pigs killed for meat in the UK are factory-farmed, and 60% of sows reared here are kept in metal crates just centimetres bigger than their body”. pigs are highly intelligent.

#Dubai‘s archipelago of 300 artificial ‘countries’ is back in business - who would be stupid enough to buy somewhere that will be under water in a few years’ time because of global warming?

EIFL supports joint letter calling for a better #copyright reform for education in Europe - "signatories call on legislators to make good sense policy choices and to help support access to inclusive, fair education for all in the European Union."

Drug maker hikes price of 2-in-1 painkiller >2,000%—$36 drugs now $3,000 - why #pharma companies are scum, part 23598

FBI Director Still Won't Say Which #Encryption Experts Are Advising Him On His Bizarre Approach To Encryption -

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