Thursday, 19 May 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160518 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

ITC's 792-page #TPP Impact on US Economy & on Specific Industry Sectors - just *0.01%* extra GDP per year on average

"#TPP would be a disaster for working families, communities, & our climate" - reaction to ITC report by @sierraclub

#TPP means "US will be as wealthy on January 1, 2032 as it would otherwise be on February 15 of 2032" - #ITC

#TPP Study Projects Worsening Trade Balances for 16 of 25 U.S. Economic Sectors, Overall US Trade Deficit Increase -

Copyright Bill that will prohibit creative commons licenses for audiovisual works in Chile - just insane #cc #cl

#Netflix tax plan on video streaming services coming soon to EU—report - EU wants 20% EU quota too...

Backbench rebellion over #TTIP, the #NHS and the Queen's Speech? - this could be fun...

Lieberman to be Israeli defence minister in shock move - "transfer of Israeli Arabs into Palestinian territories"

Consultation on Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment on #TTIP - Deadline for submitting comments: Thursday 9 June

Proposed EU trade treaty threatens progressive laws, say campaigners - they want #ISDS to apply even more widely

Boris Johnson wins 'most offensive Erdo─čan poem' competition - Johnson showing statesman-like grasp of geopolitics

David Cameron moves to head off #TTIP rebellion - this is getting surreal #NHS

“Your criticisms are completely wrong”: Stallman on software patents - look, solution is simple: abolish all patents

Homeland Security Has Not Sent Us A Subpoena - @techdirt did not blink

Apple says game about Palestinian child isn’t a game - but "sending missiles at foreign-looking cartoon bombers" is

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