Thursday, 19 May 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160517 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Disappointing: Elsevier Buys #OpenAccess Academic Pre-Publisher SSRN - no one wants this - except elsevier...

New study and workshop for the protection of public services in free trade agreements - #TTIP #CETA #TISA

Spy tribunal tells #GCHQ snooping complainants to prove they were “at risk” - not exactly helpful #surveillance

Why #Google’s monopoly abuse case in Europe will run and run - good historical background #EU

"Model Clauses For The Exclusion Of Public Services From Trade And Investment Agreements" - #TTIP #CETA #TISA

A Dozen Bad Ideas That Were Raised At The #Copyright Office's DMCA Roundtables - thorough report of awful ideas

#Israel action threatens to close down rights group and 'chill' free speech - "crucial test case for civil society."

Brazil's Guarani Indians killing themselves over loss of ancestral land - awful; shame on brazil's courts

Turkish journalist sued by state stripped of legal rights 4 her children - #turkey descends into madness & tyranny

IBM Wants To Patent A Printer That Won't Let You Output Unauthorized Copies - I'm sorry, Dave...

here's ITC's full (792-page) assessment of #TPP  Likely Impact on  US Economy and on Specific Industry Sectors -

Federal Judge Says Internet Archive's Wayback Machine A Perfectly Legitimate Source Of Evidence - that's good

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