Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160329 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Rare example of lost language found on stone hidden 2500 years ago - #etruscan – exciting

EU money should not help destroy #Bulgaria’s Kresna Gorge - absurd, harmful waste of money #bg

#TPP to boost Māori economy by $200m, MPs told -$200m,-mps-told but as usual, the costs of TPP are ignored in this claim...

Using Adblock Plus to block ads is legal, rules German court—for the fifth time - time to give up, perhaps?

Diana Markosian's best photograph: the 105-year-old Armenian who escaped genocide - amazing someone still living #am

Inside the garage labs of DIY gene hackers, whose hobby may terrify you - #CRISPR DIY

Why do the Tories want to hide who owns British land? - good analysis of an exceedingly bad idea #opendata

EU consultation on IP enforcement; FFII submission - deadline is 15 April 2016

White House says U.S. leadership, prestige at stake in debate over #TPP - IOW, not about trade, but power

Nigerian Government Says Country Needs More Jail Time For Pirates And Control Over Content Of Creative Works -

Are the first meaningful European NOx limits for shipping in sight? - long overdue

Laptop containing plans of Belgian PM's home found near terrorists' flat - again, no mention of crypto being used

Why Won't @w3c Carve Security Research Out Of Its #DRM-In-HTML 5 Proposal? - why did it accept it in first place?

Trump: women who get illegal abortions should be 'punished' - "would ban abortion if elected president" #darkdays

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