Thursday, 17 March 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160315 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#NZ: Longer wait and higher prices likely under #TPP - quite simply, people will die as direct result of TPP

#Antibiotics becoming ineffective at treating some child infections - sawing through the branch we sit upon...

Apple's Response To DOJ: Your Filing Is Full Of Blatantly Misleading Claims And Outright Falsehoods - great analysis

Yes, You Can Reconcile The Wide Sharing Of Personal Medical Research Data With Greater Participant Control -

Potential Impact of #TTIP on public health - big academic paper in English (v @MartinMWhitlock)

Legal adviser to top EU court says open Wi-Fi provider is not liable for user’s piracy - potentially big #copyright

Crumby cocktails at dawn: Inside the Brussels tech #lobbying bubble - useful primer #eu #ttip

On Trade, Angry Voters Have a Point - why #TPP is in trouble - and #TTIP will be

"when #patent rights have been too broad or strong, they have actually discouraged innovation" - (v @jwildeboer)

Malta gives go ahead to shooting of 5,000 endangered turtle doves - #malta, civilised? not so much... #EU

Fresh protests likely as Lula joins #Brazil cabinet as chief of staff - amazing turn of events

Journalism Professor Dan Gillmor On Why You Should Support Techdirt's Crowdfunding Campaign - good cause

TACD’s recommendations on the proposed food safety chapter in #TTIP excellent ideas - we need them all

ICSID orders Argentina to pay US$136 million plus interest for contractual breaches - that will be popular #ar

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