Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151026 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

listening to #netneutrality debate, it's clear there are 10 kinds of MEPs: those who understand digital technology, and those who don't....

still time: EU #netneutrality goes on the chopping block today. Here’s how to fix it - pl. contact your MEPs now

MI5 #surveillance techniques, costing millions, revealed in collapsed court case - time for UK gov to grow up

15-year-old boy arrested in connection with #TalkTalk data breach - oh, look: probably not "terrorists" after all...

it seems we absolutely must do #TTIP, regardless of its deep harms to democracy, because of, er, MRI machines -

#TTIP: Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Nicola Sturgeon and Natalie Bennett sign appeal to exempt #NHS from trade deal -

Leaked TAFTA/#TTIP Chapter Shows EU Breaking Its Promises On The Environment - proof @EU_Commission can't be trusted

Germany 2 begin investigating legality of EU-US data transfers immediately - things moving quickly post #SafeHarbour

#netneutrality is currently dying in the European Parliament…

Senate Rejects All CISA Amendments Designed To Protect Privacy, Reiterating That It's A Surveillance Bill - not good

#Netneutrality: EU votes in favour of Internet fast lanes and slow lanes - majority of MEPs let down EU public

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