Monday, 19 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151018 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Labour warns Cameron over draft #surveillance and ​anti-terror laws - well, that's potentially an improvement

Letter to MEPs of LIBE Committee: Do Not Jeopardize Our Freedom of Speech - dangerous moves

Facebook will now notify you if you’re the target of a state-sponsored attack - good to see

Leaked Documents Show #TTIP Negotiations in Deadlock on Most Issues - "deal is unlikely to be enacted" under Obama

#Alibaba Offers to Buy Chinese Online Video Service #Youku #Tudou for $3.6 Billion - big money, big deal

Massenüberwachung: EU-Abgeordnete fordern Kommission zum Handeln auf - but they won't...

Health Canada Threatens To Sue Doctor If He Reveals Whether Clinical Trials Data Shows A Drug Is Safe Or Effective -

Errors revealed at Chinese nuclear firm seeking to invest in UK plants - oh, great...

The Problem With Tying Health Care To Trade - great, detailed analysis of #TPP's fundamental problems for the poor

#TTIP: Wir veröffentlichen ein Protokoll der 10. Verhandlungsrunde - "„Nachhaltigkeit“ stand nicht auf der Agenda."

Die Story im Ersten: Konzerne klagen - Wir zahlen - kudos to @DasErste: @BBCNews barely even knows what #ISDS is

fab report: Die Story im Ersten: Konzerne klagen - Wir zahlen - after this, #ISDS should be dead in #DE #TTIP #CETA

.@BBC Blocks VPN Access To Its On-Demand Service, Even From UK - clueless, as ever...

#TTIP 11th round: Liveblog aus Miami - "Warum wird da separat verhandelt? Und was kam raus?"

#publicservices *are* included in #TTIP according to @elpais_espana - is report true,@MalmstromEU?(v @encovert)

NAFTA panel could rule on investor-state challenge this month - another one against #Canada #ISDS

UKIP Euro MP claims he was led into a ‘windowless cell’ & threatened with a fine 4 disclosure of #TTIP agreement -

but: "he might be tempted to break the [gag] if agricultural unions or the media were willing to fully compensate him for the fine" #TTIP

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