Thursday, 28 November 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

The End Of Ownership, Military Edition: Even The US Military Can’t Fix Its Own Equipment Without Right To Repair Laws -

TikTok apologizes for removing viral video about abuses against Uighurs, blames a “human moderation error” - yeah, sure…doubtless the same will be true the next it happens, and the one after that…

Indict Jair Bolsonaro over indigenous rights, international court is urged - do it

Squad 2-seater solar car is what cities need right now – and it’s taking orders - only €5,750 too - the tech is moving fast, which is good…

Revealed: Tory candidates issued with attack manuals on how to smear rivals - tories not just the nasty party, but the gutter-dwelling disgusting one as well; this is what the UK will be if they win #ge19

French insurer AXA vows to stop insuring fossil fuel-dependant companies - every fossil-fuel related company will become an economic pariah; get your money out while you can #climatecrisis

The gift of the gab: Are rental scammers skilled at the art of persuasion? - “They appear to be the criminal equivalent of a boilerhouse sales operation, a modus operandi that has not previously been studied by cybercrime researchers.” fascinating stuff

Academic praised by Cummings is remain-voting critic of Tory plans - cummings is dangerous and delusional #ge19

EU-Parlament teilte Wählerdaten mit umstrittener Firma, die auch für Trump und Brexit arbeitete -

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