Sunday, 8 September 2019


The next great platform shift is underway, and that could be really bad for #privacy - this is happening now, it’s big and it’s bad #surveillance

Getting #UploadFilters Wasn’t Enough: EU #Copyright Industry Starts Stealth Campaign To Demonize Internet Companies Even More - they won’t be satisfied until they have destroyed the Internet…

‘Dead things everywhere’: is Australia facing the summer from hell? - will #australia wake up to the #climatecrisis before it is too late?

Trumps Trojanisches Pferd - “Der britische Premier Boris Johnson braucht bei einem Brexit ein schnelles Handelsabkommen mit den USA. Doch US-Präsident Donald Trump und seine Berater werden sich einen Deal teuer bezahlen lassen.”

Boris Johnson ‘could be jailed for refusing to seek Brexit delay’ - just stunning that a PM could contemplate ignoring the law…

Amber Rudd resigns from cabinet and surrenders Conservative whip - the decline and fall of @borisjohnson gathers pace… #brexit

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