Thursday, 18 July 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

"May’s de facto deputy David Lidington told Panorama that the commission offered to put the Brexit process on ice for five years and “see how things go”. - stupid to turn this down

EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material - you thought #copyrightdirective was bad, just wait for EU’s new Digital Services A - it’s bad #EUDSA

‘Abusive’ woman billed for £85,000 after RAF scrambled to escort plane - seems fair

#Garuda Indonesia bans in-flight photos after being mocked for handwritten menu - and blame the person for pointing out their incompetence

Gordon Brown: ‘Boris Johnson could be UK’s last prime minister’ - striking headline…

MPs pass amendment seeking to thwart no-deal Brexit prorogation - good to see so many MPs putting country before party - it’s the only way forward

Boris Johnson refuses to answer questions over party in Lebedev mansion - hardly acceptable for a future PM…

‘Despicable’: Democrats condemn Trump over rally’s Ilhan Omar chant - “send her back”, “lock her up”: it’s clear that trump supporters can’t manage sentences with more than 3 words…

Reform Of EU Online Platform Regulation: It’s About Our Digital Habitat -

Drug Prices Are So Insane That The NY Times Is Recommending The US Gov’t Just ‘Seize The Patents’ - do it

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