Thursday, 27 June 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

HPV vaccine ‘offers chance’ of wiping out cervical cancer in rich countries - #vaccines work.

Faces of Protest: People who animate #Georgia now -

Japan says next British PM must not lead UK out of EU without deal - “Firms operating in UK likely to relocate in event of no-deal #Brexit, says foreign minister”

Theresa May: Swiss holidays brought home impact of climate crisis - little things can have a big impact

New Danish government puts climate change centre stage - “This represents a U-turn from the previous Conservative-led government that had dropped any climate target and initiatives” great news #denmark

It turns out planes are even worse for the climate than we thought - “All aircraft that burn fuels leave behind a trail of exhaust fumes and soot. At high altitudes, water vapour often condenses on the soot particles and freezes to form a cirrus cloud”

Edward Snowden used Bitcoin to buy servers for 2013 mass surveillance leak -

Partisan Gerrymandering Upheld by Supreme Court - this seems insane, but I’m a furriner, what do I know…?

#FreeDOS's Linux Roots - rather underappreciated #opensource project

Protests in Russia as sisters face jail for killing abusive father - “sisters were beaten almost daily by their father, who also forced them to perform sexual acts. He had physically abused them on the day of the fatal attack”

Alabama woman charged with manslaughter of unborn baby while actual shooter goes free - #murica

Eel smuggling arrests rise 50% in Europe-wide crackdown - that’s good, but more work needed

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