Saturday, 13 April 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest’s tweets as a single page

From Distracted Boyfriend to Unhelpful Teacher, I love the twists of a meme’s journey - indeed; sad that #article13/17 will cause so much harm to this form, with its mindless, flawed automated #uploadfilters that don’t get the joke

Growing up in the Soviet Union made me fear EU Copyright Reform - “Censorship and economic privileges for the few will not lead to digital prosperity. They are the new digital iron curtain and a path to disaster. We‘ve been there and it was not pretty.”

Justizministerin: Automaten können objektiver sein als Menschen - objective but wrong; woman’s clearly an idiot when it comes to technology

Open letter to Prime Minister of #Estonia and Members of Parliament on Internet Upload Filters -

The Pinkertons’ plan for #climatechange: a mercenary army that guards one-percenters as the seas rise - further proof we live in a sick society

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