Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Unions join business leaders to demand urgency in Brexit talks - when workers and bosses unite against you, you know you’re wrong… #brexitshambles

North Korea making ‘rapid’ upgrades to nuclear reactor despite summit pledges - so who’s surprised trump’s deal turns out to be worthless? anyone? no, thought not…

Preparations for post-Brexit Irish border in chaos with ‘no one in charge’, reveals Northern Ireland police chief - perfectly normal, nothing to worry about #brexitshambles

Brexit: bank contracts worth trillions at risk, says finance watchdog - a trillion here, a trillion there - pretty soon, you’re talking big money… #brexitshambles

French butchers ask for police protection from vegan activists - oh #2018, you are such a card…

Cheap bacon: how shops and shoppers let down our pigs - good animal welfare must be supported - financially, if necessary

You Wouldn’T Steal A #Meme: The Threat From Article 13 - only people who don’t understand the Internet could propose something as stupid as #article13

“How to get out of this farcical tragedy, when neither the prime minister, cabinet sub-committee, cabinet in plenary, nor parliament can rule sanely in the interests of the people? Only one way now. A second referendum” - #brexit

‘Free’ Game Making $300 Million Per Month? But I Thought You Can’t Make Money On Free… - that argument pretty dead now…

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