Monday, 14 May 2018


Subscriptions for the 1% - … “The entire subscription economy is ultimately a 1% economy — it’s focused on a very small subset of users who have demonstrated that they are willing to pay dollars for content.” needs to change

You’ve got pr0n: Yes, smut by email is latest workaround for UK’s looming cock block - so many ridiculous holes in UK gov’s plan; just bin it…

Six questions about openness in science - excellent, thoughtful responses, as ever…

EU steps back from Trump & Polluters at UN climate talks - here’s an obvious way that the EU can strike back against trump’s breaking of the #iran deal. trump is a waste of time when it comes to climate: ignore him.

Friends without benefits: how Europe was wrongfooted by Trump over Iran - trump’s “friendship” is worthless: treat him with the contempt he deserves

How the EU’s New Trade Provision Could End Up Justifying More Data Localisation Globally - I think the bigger issue is government access to data, not localisation as such

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