Saturday, 27 January 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 180125 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Genome Of A Man Born In 1784 Recreated From The DNA Of His Descendants - #privacy, what’s that?

Sarajevo’s City Government Says No One Can Use The Name ‘Sarajevo’ Without Its Permission - how do you say “bonkers” in Bosnian?

This bizarre anti-#masturbation video can’t be real, but it is - weird, very weird… #JehovahsWitnesses

.@NOYBeu is nearly there: “240,700 Euro of the 250,000 Euro goal (97%)” - help defend #privacy

I wore the VR glove that fools your skin as well as your eyes - getting closer to usable #VR

‘She clearly has no idea’: Kenyan doctor condemned over bid to legalise #FGM - doctor??? “First do no harm”

Russia could kill ‘thousands’ in UK power station attack, warns Defence Secretary - & you know what? weakening #crypto as May wants will make it even easier for state actors to do that…

Bling Cake Wows VIPs At Nazarbaev Relative’s Wedding In #Kazakhstan - " more than three meters tall and weighing more than 1,500 kilos" however it tasted, it was in poor taste…

Erdogans Offensive stockt - "Die Kurdenkämpfer spotten bereits: “Nutzt diese Gelegenheit und ergebt euch!” #turkey #Afrin

‘We’re not morons’: #Brexit divisions harden across Britain - actually, now you come to mention it…

Tencent Backed Super-App Emerges to Rival Its Own WeChat - v interesting move by tencent here… #china

Canada stripped the #TPP of its terrible IP proposals: will the US seek revenge in #NAFTA talks? - good question…

United Airlines removed woman from flight to dying mother’s bedside after ticketing glitch: “nobody flies for free” - remember the name - #unitedairlines - & remember never to give them any business…

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