Thursday, 11 May 2017


This Makes No Sense: US To Ban Laptops On All Flights From Europe - still want to fly to US?

The Brexit trap that’s closing on Britons who live in Europe - May cares more about UKIP than these people

What is YouTube’s role in the music industry? - “cannibalisation is unlikely” #copyright

Creative Commons’ New Strategy for a Collaborative Organizational Structure - #cc

Strasbourg could trade Parliament seat for medicines agency - this is an excellent idea #EMA #brexit

CJEU to rule on enforceability of German press publishers’ right - #LSR #copyright

Volunteers tailor Ubuntu Linux to UK’s health service - great idea, could save #NHS big dosh

Frankreich verbietet Shows mit Delfinen und Orcas - france leads the way; others must follow

#Brexit slowdown fears as industrial output falls and trade deficit grows - “fall in pound … did little”

.@cisco & @Oracle Applaud The Looming Death Of #NetNeutrality - they were always among most evil tech cos. on planet

Most European millennials would join “a large-scale uprising” - bring it on…

Finland voices concern over US and Russian climate-change doubters - well done, plucky #Finland

Austrian Court’s ‘Hate Speech’ Ruling Says Facebook Must Remove Perfectly Legal Posts All Over The World - #at

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