Thursday, 30 March 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 170329 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Tractor Owners Using Pirated Firmware To Dodge John Deere’s Ham-Fisted Attempt To Monopolize Repair - repeal #DMCA

Climate change: China calls US ‘selfish’ after Trump seeks to bring back coal - US: “are we the baddies?” china: yup

our perpetual question to UK #brexit negotiators should be: "is the cake we get to have and eat baked yet?" #GreatBritishBrexitBakeoff

The #Copyright Industry’s So-Called “#ValueGap” Is Actually an Innovation Gap - upload filtering is unacceptable

Dairy is scary. The public are waking up to the darkest part of farming - appalling images we rarely see

“CJEU case law be given the same status in our courts as decisions of our own supreme court” - NB #surveillance

Trump #NAFTA Renegotiation Draft Notice Exposes an All-Talk No-Action Plan - all going pear-shaped now…

Wanna Protect Your Online Privacy? Open a Tab and Make Some Noise - these obfuscatory programs will become common

Trump’s Internet Brigades Shocked To Realize The Government Just Sold Them Out On Privacy - whoops

James Comey’s New Idea: An International Encryption Backdoor Partnership - that’ll work…er, actually, no, it won’t
Brazilian politician who orchestrated ousting of Rousseff sentenced to prison - “a rightwing evangelical Christian”

Hope for #elephants rises as China’s ivory prices plunge - kudos to #china; #hongkong please follow suit

#Nevada, this is how we win - “we have a chance to put solar back in the hands of our communities”

El Salvador makes history as first nation to impose blanket ban on metal mining - wow; others need to follow

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