Thursday, 5 January 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 170104 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Bluefin tuna sells for £500,000 at Japan auction amid overfishing concerns - self-harming selfishness by #japan

Nomads no more: why Mongolian herders are moving to the city - trump should ask mongolians about #climatechange

Record-breaking extreme weather in Australia in 2016 devastates ecosystems - shut down those coal mines, #australia

UK’s lack of negotiating experience may lead to ‘very hard Brexit’ - which is precisely what #brexit nutters want

Delingpole article calling ocean acidification 'alarmism' cleared by press watchdog - clearly more than an "opinion"

Planes and ships hampering road transport’s climate efforts - these are some of biggest obstacles - we must fix it

Ex-MI6 Boss: When It Comes To Voting, Pencil And Paper Are 'Much More Secure' Than Electronic Systems - #evoting

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