Thursday, 22 December 2016


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 161220 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Investigatory Powers law setback: Blanket data slurp is illegal—CJEU - huge win, v likely to be lost with #brexit

stop the government attack on the UK solar industry - we must promote renewables, not kill them off like this

EU’s highest court delivers blow to UK snooper’s charter - UK will just ignore post-#brexit

The Document Foundation announces the MUFFIN, a new tasty user interface concept for LibreOffice -

We’re about to sign a deal with Canada that’s just as bad as #TTIP & could increase inequality across EU - #CETA

President Obama bans some ocean drilling areas forever - great parting gift to trump and his denialists

Cost of #solar energy dropped 30% in year; Trump’s coal plan won’t work - he never did understand economics, did he?

Going green in China, where climate change isn’t considered a hoax - US throwing away its leadership here

EU court rulings a ‘real disappointment’ to multinationals in state aid cases - expert - aw, poor oppressed petals

India surpasses Britain to become world’s fifth largest economy - #brexit already working it magic

Hope Not Hate reports huge response to Farage legal fund appeal - time to sue this slug back into the ground…

Google sued over policies ‘barring employees from writing novels’ - stranger than fiction

Multilateral investment court would impede measures on #climatechange - no politician should back it #ISDS

Questionnaire on options 4 a multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution - pl. tell them: we do not need it

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