Thursday, 17 November 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 161115 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Argentina Orders Telecoms To Create A Permanent Database Of All Mobile Phone Users - what could possibly etc etc

EU-US trade deal “not realistic” under Trump presidency, says Germany - #TTIP is dead; #TPP is dead; #CETA next?

Gove raises question of 'quickie divorce' 4 UK from EU - "regardless of economic consequences"; a dangerous idiot

Meet PoisonTap, the £4 tool that ransacks password-protected computers - ow, that's nasty...

French law on digital versions of out-of-print books flouts EU directive - big knock-on effects for EU #copyright

Let’s remove the secrecy behind #CETA vote and bring it out into open - EU people, pl. use this to contact your MEPs

A New, Climate-Friendly Approach to Trade - this is what must replace the failed #TTIP, #TPP

A mysterious 1,500-year-old stone monument has been unearthed in #Kazakhstan - exciting

If you're interested in how easily UK police will access your Net history, details: no warrant required... #IPBill

White evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Trump: exit polls - well, he's the embodiment of christian virtues, no?

Investigatory Powers Act imminent as peers clear path 4 UK super-snoop law - no warrant needed to access your files

Massive report details the energy economy that limits warming to 2°C - post suggests trump won't do too much damage

Police Just Found Phone & USB Stick Belonging To Paris Suicide Bomber, After Misplacing It For Almost Two Years -

Florida Voters Vote Down Bill Aimed At Hamstringing Solar Competition - great example for trump's america

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