Monday, 3 October 2016


Hard #Brexit will breed new bigotry, warns former Tory minister - good to see moderate Tories speaking out

Too good a bloke? How Roger Rogerson used ‘mesmerising’ charm to become #Australia's most notorious cop - amazing

David Davis went to seminar that drew up 'hard Brexit' blueprint - ah, so that's what "taking back control" means

May: "we are not leaving only to return to the jurisdiction of the European court of justice." - IOW, #policestate

Megalomaniac May has just made it clear that she will brook no interference in her surveillance state roll-out #IPBill #brexit #CJEU

the only sense in which #CJEU "interferes" with UK laws is the sense in which a surgeon "interferes" with a cancer by removing it #brexit

Trump: "He would be great for women because he believes in business" - the stupid, it burns to the earth's core...

Colombians poised to support Farc peace accord in referendum - let's hope that here at least, sense prevails

World's nations agree elephant #ivory markets must close - shame on EU for watering things down

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