Thursday, 18 August 2016


Who Should Get The Benefits When You Donate Your #DNA For Research? - good question... #ethics

Russian MP seeks to decriminalise domestic violence - corporal punishment: "essential right given to parents by God"

#TPP clause 'not making copyright easy to understand' -'not-making-copyright-easy-to-understand' incredible: #copyright maximalists want it all now, no wait

Hitler Finds Out Trump is Losing Every Poll - well, it had to happen...

#FSFE summit 2016 - "to bring together FSFE members and supporters from all over Europe" #freesw

#Brexiters: Team GB's Olympics success shows UK can thrive outside EU - success created while UK part of EU, so...

‘Serious’ Risks for Hollywood if #TPP Doesn’t Pass - risk??? - of entering the public domain, as promised? #pd

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