Thursday, 16 June 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160614 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

The UK should rejoin space race, say MPs - that would be fun

Netflix law divides MEPs: On-demand can be soooo demanding - #EU

Commission research shows Nature Directives don’t need ‘better regulation’ - so leave the things alone #EU

#TTIP talks bogged down in food standards debate - EU can have high food standards or a deal, but not both

Cost of ambitious new car CO2 targets well below previous estimate – ICCT - car companies should stop whining

EU "scientific criteria" to identify endocrine disruptors - blatant sacrifice of #precautionaryprinciple for #TTIP

Europe’s opportunity to stop hormone disruption crushed - "years of harm to health before we can remove them" #TTIP

Mossack Fonseca worker arrested in Switzerland - looks like another #whistleblower is going to need support

Promised end to EU #roaming fees faces technical hurdle - nah, just the @EU_Commission dragging its feet again...

Brexit is only way the working class can change anything - interesting, but it will make things far worse for them

"Will we have poisoned the wells of civility for a generation?" - yes, we will, mate, that's the awful tragedy here

'The descent into farce is just sad' - result doesn't matter now,  brexit "debate" shows UK is finished as an idea

Baptist pastor praises Orlando shooter for killing gays - religion strikes again...

Catholic orders take their lead from the pope and divest from fossil fuels - the acceptable face of religion...

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