Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151130 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TTIP will let foreign companies bully EU nations into compliance in secret tribunals - #ISDS is already a problem

How EU nations are being sued for billions by foreign companies in secret tribunals - #ISDS is already a problem

Open #Insulin Project Could Help Save Thousands Of Lives And Billions Of Dollars - do support this great project

Eifl calls for fair copyright consultations in EU - seems only fair...

#GCHQ hauled before Investigatory Powers Tribunal over intrusive hacking powers - important case

#Indonesia forest fires: how the year's worst environmental disaster unfolded - interactive - great visulisation

#TTIP vs. Climate Policy: What is at Risk? - good summary of dangers of privileging trade over democracy

Our Response To  Latest Legal Threat Against Us: Milorad Trkulja Can Go Pound Sand - hint: don't mess with @mmasnick

EU setzt Umgehen von Verschl├╝sselung wieder auf die Tagesordnung - come on, this is an old issue, just leave it...

#Mozilla Wants To Split Off Thunderbird Email/Chat Client, Says Baker Memo - didn't work before, why will it now?

#TTIP and #ClimateChange: Low economic benefits, real climate risks - @EU_Commission exactly wrong, again...

Explaining POLITICO Europe’s overreaction to Jon Worth’ blog post: an explorative approach - a fun post...

UK Anti-Piracy ‘Education’ Campaign Launched, Quietly - well, better than "you wouldn't steal a car..." at least

Cameron has failed to justify Syria airstrikes, MPs' committee says - but it's not about facts or rationality now...

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission concerns over intellectual property provisions in #TPP - rightly so #AU

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