Monday, 30 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131228 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

 Truppenabzug: US-Geheimdienste warnen vor Chaos in #Afghanistan - in other words, it was all completely pointless

2013 in Review: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - good summary of the beast slouching towards #bethlehem #TPP

#NSA spioniert Datenkabel von Europa nach Asien aus - trouble is, it's hard to be shocked anymore...

"countries such as Ukraine justifying breaches of human rights by citing UK government's view" - </slow handclap>

Capturing images of bystanders by zooming in on pictures of corneas - & they will only get more detailed

Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top #NSA Hacking Unit - "intercepts deliveries to plant back doors in electronics"

to do for 2014: make it culturally unacceptable for young hackers to join NSA's TAO or equivalent elsewhere #pariahs

Shopping for Spy Gear: Catalogue Advertises #NSA Toolbox - why we can never trust any US computer equipment again

 Here's how data thieves have captured our lives on the internet - ignore the weak headline; excellent analysis #nsa

"the only people who retain any hope of secure communications are geeks who understand #cryptography and use #opensource software." - ibid.

#Openaccess 2013: A year of gaining momentum - useful summary #halfarevolution...

#NSA, Not China, the Global BIOS Suicide Cyber-Bomber - well, look at that...

I worked on the US #drone program. The public should know what really goes on - breaking the silence; important piece

US Lawmakers dispute #Snowden's declaration of victory - MRDA -

On Hacking MicroSD Cards - cue #snowden story about #NSA loading them with malware... (v @cstross)

Cable questions Hunt over risk to NHS from privatised plasma firm - "will now be increased risk of contamination"

Officer who forced dozens of anal cavity searches for fun gets only 2 years in prison - what can you say?

#Assange beim Hacker-Kongress #30C3: "Tretet in die CIA ein!" - "Wir sind die letzte freie Generation"

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