Friday, 27 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131223 - tweets from Monday as a single Web page #MMDD

#BletchleyPark accused of airbrushing #Snowden from history = such pathetic cowardice from bletchley rather ironic...

TTIP Update IX - wherein the @EU_Commission starts to panic... #TAFTA/#TTIP

If not the #NSA, who should store the phone data? - wrong question; no one should...

#Snowden warns about loss of privacy in Christmas message - video - short, worth watching; an impressive communicator

Brainwashed by the cult of the super-rich - spot on: this is why we must mock & hate the obscenely rich

I just gave myself a present: a donation 2 help Corporate Europe Observatory - go on, treat yourself too #TAFTA/#TTIP

Out in the Open: Ex-Google Ad Man Saves You From Ad Hell - they'll be more of these companies...

Japanese government launches public data portal - great; pity new secrecy law makes it a joke (v @ibegtin @daeaves)

#McDonalds Kills Site That Advised Employees to Eat Healthy Meals - just can't imagine why...

Obama, to sell trade pacts, will outline the benefits of globalization - benefits for giant US corporations - not us

A new suspect in #bee deaths: the US government - combating a lax EPA with the ESA...

Greens/EFA group adopts trustworthy email #encryption in response to mass surveillance revelations - great; more pl.

Salford anti-#fracking camp enjoys local support - a crucial issue

.@timberners_lee:#Snowden is ‘important part of the system’ in protecting open Web - good to see continuing support

From Snowden To Manning... To Ben Franklin And Sam Adams? A History Of Leakers Of Secret Gov't Documents -

#Chromebooks charge into business market, capture 20% of commercial notebooks - pretty significant

#Linux is Everywhere. We show you exactly where - useful reminder of the fact...

Fix Copyright! group set up to ask you how to review #EU #copyright - hugely important consultation

The #Snowden saga heralds a radical shift in #capitalism - @evgenymorozov channels Eben Mogeln – rightly...

#Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting – poll - good: that means there's hope yet for the UK... #psephology

Ukrainian activist-journalist Chernovil in intensive care after beating - brave woman; what says #Zakharchenko? #ua

Apple's iOS Blew Away Google's Android For Shopping On Xmas - of course: they're sad materialists (v @billbennettnz)

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