Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131215 - http://bit.ly/IZeStO yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Ways the #TPP's extreme Internet Censorship plan will affect you - http://bit.ly/JxzmLe cut out and keep graphic

The Open-Sorcerers - http://slate.me/197EUrs what would #opensource magic look like? (v @sundogme)

MEP: #TAFTA/#TTIP negotiations threaten European consumer protection - http://bit.ly/18LasNW it's a race to the bottom #deregulation

The false promise of EU-US trade talks - http://bit.ly/19MYtQc excellent analysis of flaws in #TAFTA/#TTIP propaganda (v @corporateeurope)

AllSeen's #InternetofThings: All-Seeing Too? - http://bit.ly/18uI6N3 why is no one talking about role as ultimate #surveillance tool? #IoT

Internet of things set to unleash deluge of disruption - http://bit.ly/1982DYG what about surveillance? - http://bit.ly/18uI6N3 #IoT #NSA

'60 Minutes': #NSA Good, #Snowden Bad - http://bit.ly/JyaZx0 utterly pathetic... (v @carlmalamud)#whitewash

Our Free Society Stands Or Falls With Our Defense Of Sharing Knowledge And Culture - http://bit.ly/1dFQzLr #censorship always extends

EU to open up publicly funded research data - http://bit.ly/19sHfLG great news; now we need publicly-funded sw as #opensource (v @ccbuhr)

US trade body says it will be difficult for #Korea to join #TPP negotiations - http://bit.ly/IPnsvB obvs: don't know why it's even trying

Security guru @Bruce_Schneier to leave employer @BT - http://bit.ly/1jb6esX can't imagine that got on well... #nsa #snowden

wanted: policy intern to work at the #OFE Brussels office - http://bit.ly/19N5VuB

EU Regulation - none of our business? - http://bit.ly/1baIGKN good analysis of how #EuropeanCommission will water down EU safety standards

Global Congress Endorses Principles for International Intellectual Property; Criticizes #TPP - http://bit.ly/1jbDDUe

OpenDataMonitor - http://bit.ly/1bTWk9A "an overview of available #opendata resources"

#Malaysia: #TPP Sparks Protests - http://bit.ly/19NyCHM won't be the last, either

Human rights must be a priority as US talks #TPP with Vietnam - http://wapo.st/1eiIxNj I suspect the priority will remain dollar signs

MPs grill Theresa May over spy chiefs' 'melodramatic soundbites' on #NSA files - http://bit.ly/1gBSOEk yay #snowden

#IT prosecutors investigate claims of restaurants serving dolphin - http://bit.ly/1dGPHpO vergogna, Italia (v @LifeinSicily @stephanfaris)

US calling out Canada on trade protectionism under banner of national security - http://bit.ly/1kPr2lj US would never do that (v @mgeist)

Mission accomplished in #Afghanistan, declares David Cameron - http://bit.ly/1heA63c </facepalm> #iraq

#ClinicalTrials Regulation in Europe – breaking news - http://bit.ly/1di9R9g great work by @GlenisWillmott et al. coming to fruition

Congressional High Tech Caucus worried about EU's "protectionist data flows" - http://1.usa.gov/1cMVRGh er, not, that's we call "privacy"

Agriculture the lynchpin for #TPP - http://bit.ly/1cxemuO great: selling out Australia's future to protect its past - clever move

Judge Says #NSA Bulk #Metadata Collection Likely Unconstitutional, Issues Injunction - http://bit.ly/1hXqgpj good, detailed analysis

American and european groups press for protected safeguards in #TAFTA/#TTIP - http://bit.ly/1fzf6DD nearly 200 sign up: just the start

#TPP's Attack on Artists' Termination Rights - http://bit.ly/19O2dkw good point: copyright cos. they don't love artists - just look

59 Bootleg #Beatles Tracks Released Officially -- For All The Wrong Reasons - http://bit.ly/1k9zMoH how #copyright makes fans suffer

Happily ever #NAFTA: #TAFTA/#TTIP could boost corporations and harm environment - http://bit.ly/19tFi1k no "could" - that's it's core aim

Report accuses #BT of supplying backdoors for #GCHQ and #NSA - http://bit.ly/1bL034M whoa, big if confirmed (v @AnnieMachon @francibosco)

if you have a BT Huawei EchoLife HG612 or ECI B-FOCuS VDSL2 modem you should read this immediately: http://cryptome.org/2013/12/Full-Disclosure.pdf #backdoors

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