Monday, 23 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131222 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Tobacco's ugly truth must be uncovered - why there must be a carve-out for tobacco in #TPP #cancer

#OpenSource #Genomics - it's doubly digital, and going to be very big...

#solarenergy: soon cheaper than onshore wind & nuclear power, also popular - so why is UK gov turning against it?

Fundamental Cultural Rights Must be at the Heart of #Copyright Reform in Europe! - absolutely; good analysis

Support ORP1 the #OpenSource Router - cool & necessary

Robin Osborne on state of #OpenAccess - confirms his profoundly arrogant & elitist viewpoint; he should stop digging

Former BP geologist: #peakoil is here and it will 'break economies' - all-the-more reason to move to renewable energy

Judge & Intelligence Task Force Both Stunned By Lack Of Evidence Bulk Phone Collection Program Stops Terrorists -

#RSA doesn’t quite deny undermining customers’ crypto - good analysis of its "denial" #NSA

Cameron's Net filter goes far beyond porn - was always the plan - #tories want to decide what their servants can see

Conflict-Ridden CBS 60 Minutes 'Journalist' Defends NSA Propaganda Piece By Insulting All His Critics - nice

IPCC to oversee #police inquiry into #Taser use on boys with learning difficulties - our brave & heroic boys in blue

How Sotomayor undermined Obama’s #NSA - v interesting & potentially v important (v @ggreenwald)

#Snowden’s heroic work: Our media must match his courage  - true; sadly, most UK titles have the spine of a jellyfish

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