Thursday, 5 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131203 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NZ Opposition Parties Critical of #TPP - "called for the Government to release the draft text"

Critical Dutch parliament resolution on investor – state dispute settlement - #NL MPs get it #TAFTA/#TTIP

#TPP And #TAFTA/#TTIP Done Right: The Alternative Trade Mandate - really interesting ideas - can we use it, pl?

#Rusbridger’s inquisition: Another scene of the ‘theatrical’ spying saga by UK officials - "oh, look, a squirrel" #uk

#AU Greens win greater transparency on secret trade deal - good news #TPP

We should look at the content of the Snowden files – not the messenger - ignore the squirrel -

IDC estimates 221m #tablets shipped in 2013; #Android top with 61%, then iOS 35% and Windows 3% -

#NSA spying scandal accelerating #China's push to favor local tech vendors - no surprise there

Horsemeat scandal: UK and Brussels failing on food regulation, says France - more #opendata needed here

Contagious Courage - "Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks: #Assange’s associate & #Snowden’s guardian angel" (v  ‏@ioerror)

Half of US #clinicaltrials go unpublished - scandalous: how many have died because of this? (v @brembs)#opendata

Neue Broschüre zum EU-USA Freihandelsabkommen (#TTIP) von @SkaKeller erschienen! - great work #TAFTA

Dual-Screen YotaPhone Hits Shelves in #Russia -  different, certainly.... #smartphones

Inside #China's Version of Silicon Valley - Zhongguancun: not to be underestimated (v @vindugoel @dangillmor)

Dallas Police Rule Change Gives Officers 72 Hours To Get Their Stories Straight After Shooting Citizens -

At 400,000 Years, Oldest Human DNA Yet Found Raises New Mysteries - genomics is wonderful

Case Over No-Fly List Takes Bizarre Turn As Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So - fab judge

How Hitler suspended the right to mail and telephone privacy - worth keeping, just in case, Mr Cameron? #surveillance

Stephen Hawking: #NHS is Britain's finest public service and must be preserved from commercial interests - bravo

#NSA collects 5 billion records a day on cellphones - proportionate much? #surveillance

one thing I find amazing about new revelations is that even with these capabilities the #NSA seem unable to do anything special with them

 Study: EU Citizens Value IP, Yet Find Some Infringement Acceptable - so there you go

 Zu viel Windenergie: Orkantief drückt Strompreise um 40 Prozent - whoa, who'd have thought? #energy

#NZ Health specialists urge not to trade off public health in #TPP - be crazy to do so

Globalisierung im Schatten der Überwachung - very timely  #TAFTA/#TTIP #NSA

Canadian Cyberbullying Bill Expands Scope, Targets Open WiFi Over Terrorism, Child Porn Fears - #scaremongering #ca

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