Sunday, 8 December 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131206 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

What you need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership - excellent, gentle intro to #TPP & its horrors

Representative Waxman letter to USTR expressing strong disagreement with 12 years of data exclusivity in #TPP [pdf] -

Australians warn Canadians about $88 million economic fallout from caving into US pressure on digital policy - #TPP

Outrageous heavy-handed ‘green room’ tactics in #TPP talks aim to isolate dissenters - bullying pure & simple

open letter on #TPP from Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist [pdf] -

#avaaz petition against #TPP already over 1 million names - pl. add yours if not there...

Martin Freeman: from Slough to Smaug – then back to Sherlock - "My idea of a good night out is staying in."

European Commission Desperately Tries To Justify Inclusion Of Corporate Sovereignty In #TAFTA/#TTIP; Fails Dismally -

Models at Nanjing fashion show forced to wear masks due to crazy smog levels - incredible images (v @markmackinnon)

World Trade Organisation confirms long-awaited deal - great; so we don't need #TPP now, do we...?

Lofgren on Emerging & Controversial #TPP - " troubling provisions related to Net Freedom, consumer rights, copyright"

1Sheeld lets your Smart Phone be an extended #Arduino shield - that's clever

US Court Secretly Lets Government Share Megaupload Evidence With Copyright Industry - how on earth can that be fair?

Net Neutrality: EU Parliament Must Amend Kroes' Dangerous Proposal - "specialised services" kill #netneutrality

Move Towards Generalised Internet Surveillance in #France? - "live monitoring of everyone's personal & private data"

Holy See (The Pope) Criticizes TPP And #TAFTA/#TTIP In WTO Speech - could this stiffen resistance to #TPP?

"My face again no not to inform me, even all the heads of the unutterable consequences." - the joy of #Perl

FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for #surveillance - et tu? (v @schestowitz)

Freedom Of The Press Foundation Raising Money To Support Encryption Tools - very wise

FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without indicator light - "mainly" used in terrorism (v @TeaWithCarl @zuola)

smokescreen lifts over EU telco specialised services - telecoms want phone/TV priority over Net (v @NoDPIsigma)

 Kurs aufs Südpolarmeer: Japanische Walfangflotte ist in See gestochen - was für eine Schande, #Japan

#NSA defends global cellphone tracking as legal - because we foreigners have no rights anyway... (v @sfmnemonic)

WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison: 'How can you take Pierre Omidyar seriously?' - that's the spirit

'All the ships came in' – how Assange and Manning plotted WikiLeaks story - a link to IM logs would have been nice...

"USTR is setting a trade agreement with a 1950s manufacturing agenda in a 21st century information age world" - #TPP

Secret memo shows key role for Blairites in Labour's election team - decides to commit suicide slowly... #uk

Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Arrives, #WikiLeak Docs Show - i.e. people are waking up to madness of #tarsands

A prototype of Motorola’s Ara modular smartphone is almost ready - real innovation for a change...

German Court Invalidates #Microsoft #FAT Patent - what? really? anyone know more about this?

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